Barracuda Essentials
Barracuda Essentials Phishing Protection (1 Year)

Barracuda Essentials Phishing Protection (1 Year)

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Barracuda Essentials is a cloud-based email security gateway that manages and filters all inbound email traffic to protect businesses from email-borne threats.

With the Barracuda Essentials, protecting against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system.


  • Stops threats before they hit your business
  • Helps protect from business email compromise (BEC) scams and payment redirection fraud
  • Ensure continuous email availability
  • Simplify email security
  • Adds control, security, and functionality in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, G Suite or your favourite email hosting provider.


  • Fully managed service provided by the cybersecurity experts at Iron Bastion
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) combines behavioral, heuristic, and sandboxing technologies to protect against zero hour and targeted attacks
  • Blocks phishing emails. The Barracuda Essentials combats phishing attempts by combining anti-fraud intelligence, behavioral and heuristic detection, protection against sender spoofing (i.e., spammers spoofing valid email addresses), along with domain name validation to detect and block phishing attempts.
  • Blocks known and unknown malware and ransomware. As virus attacks become more sophisticated and complex, email infrastructure requires advanced virus protection. Scans email and incoming files by using three powerful layers of virus scanning technology. 
  • Dynamic, real time threat analysis, attachment sandboxing and URL protection to prevent malware from affecting email users.
  • Spam protection. Identifies email from known spammers and determine whether domains embedded in email lead to known spam or malware domains.
  • Web link protection. A popular method that attackers use to deliver malware relies on URLs that contain malicious code, which can be invisibly downloaded and can trigger a much larger attack. Link Protection automatically rewrites these URLs so that the Barracuda Essentials for Email Security can sandbox the request at click time to block malicious links.
  • Typosquatting protection. More sophisticated attackers make clever modifications to URLs so they look genuine, but are not. The most common technique is omitting letters or using convincing “typos” that even users who check URLs before clicking often miss. Barracuda’s Link Protection includes typosquatting detection, which automatically identifies and redirects these URLs to our sandbox at click time to block malicious activity.

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